Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Brave New World

Hello once again. Its been a while since my last post. Im sure all one of you that read it missed me lol j/k. Thank you for commenting on my post. I didnt see it until recently.

I just watched the season finale of Heroes, so if I do decide to continue blogging on here, it's most likely going to be about movies or what not. I was really excited for this episode. Redemption was a great choice for the name of the season or "Volume". I think this season helped recapture some old viewers, gain some new ones, and restore faith in the series all together. Now lets get down to bidness and talk 'bout some Heroes!

I don't even know where to start here. The rift that was started between Claire and her father/H.R.G/Noah, has faded significantly. If anything I think Claire feels more close with her dad. Although I sense a different sort of "eluded tension", by her actions in this finalle. **SPOILER ALERT** (Ive always wanted to type that..)

For those who don't know, Claire jumped from the ferris wheel at the carnival, with a bunch of news cameras aimed at her. I remember the very first season when Claire was discovering her abilities, she had a friend film her jumping off this tower. Each time regenerating and saying "Im Claire Bennet and this is attempt number x." This season ended with her repeating that but to television news cameras. There seemed to be mixed emotions displayed from specials and the non specials. I don't think Noah was to excited about it.

Im still really confused about the whole Sylar thing too, for several reasons. One- How are you gonna take one of THE most baddest-ass super villans and turn him good? Even though he was evil I really liked him that way (though I always root for the good guys to beat him :p) Two- He had done this before in previous seasons where he tired a shot at "redemption" and decided, quite happily I might add, that he's always going to be a killer. Three- Even though he was exiled for "5 years" in his mind, it was only 3 hours of actual time that passed. And is five years enought to redeem a cold blooded psycho? We'll see. He did have a chance to kill Doyle and didn't.

I'm going to make a prediction about his character. I think the writers could/should, through a series of unfolding events, split his character in two. This way there is a good AND bad Sylar making for an even more interesting and maleable story line. They could even throw in some sort of twist where if one dies they both die. Making it impossible for one to kill the other, or even have to come to the others aid at times. Who knows where they could go with that.

Kind of sad to see Samuel go. Until his characters lust for power consumed him, I enjoyed his silver tounged manipulation. He nailed the role of carnival master. His character totally reminded me of the vendors for the games at fairs or carnivals. The ones where you know are rigged to make you lose but still you let yourself get sucked in. Thats how he was. You could kind of tell by his "shifty" demeanor that he probably shouldn't be trusted, but some thing about the way he worded things far overshadowed the uncertainty. He may show up later on down the line, but as far as it stands now the series ended without any hints as to who the next seasons villan will be.

Well thats my 52 cents on it. Until next time, or next season -peace out.

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